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Report Your Precision Ag Data

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Precision agriculture data collected during harvest can be used for three purposes: production reporting, a claim settlement in the event of a loss, and APH reviews.

FMH Precision Solutions help to streamline all these crop insurance processes by increasing data accuracy and decreasing paperwork - saving time for the farmer and agent.

Production Reporting


How It Works

  • During harvest, be sure to record your calibration so your data can be used for a claim.
  • Right after harvest, producers electronically send their precision data from their farm management software (FMS) to FMH systems. It’s quick, seamless, and your agent receives the data immediately to verify with your policy.
  • There’s no need for paperwork or manual entry – or even to leave your home office!
  • Farmers Mutual Hail accepts data from any color of equipment and a variety of FMS.



  • Fast, Seamless Reporting
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Accurate Records


How to Report My Precision Ag Data

Ready to report your precision ag data? Click here to learn which precision data reporting option is best for you.

Harvest Set Up Checklist for
Precision Solutions

Download our helpful checklist to make sure you are recording everything you need to successfully report your harvest data for crop insurance! 



Proper calibration is important for the most accurate measurements from your precision agriculture equipment. Documenting your calibration information will allow you to provide the correct data for precision claims, and it is an RMA requirement.


Use this free document to help track the information on self-calibrating, single-point, and multi-point combine yield monitor
systems that is necessary for insurance purposes.

(Beginning with the 2023 crop year, FMH is offering a new combine calibration report to ensure policyholders have the ability to accurately record calibrations, regardless of equipment manufacturer. The new report consolidates and simplifies prior single point, multi-point, and self-calibration combine checklists.) 

Calibration Checklist Report


Why it’s Important

A producer must calibrate within 3% accuracy to meet the RMA calibration requirement in order to use precision production data for a crop insurance claim. Records of these calibration measurements are required when validating a claim.

When to Use

During harvest before each yield monitor calibration

How It Works

  • Producers should calibrate according to manufacturer recommendations
  • After each calibration, producers need to record the required information and then calculate accuracy. The information needed depends on the type of harvesting equipment.
  • After harvest, maintain your calibration records for validating a loss or APH review


Check out our calibration recommendations to ensure you record what you need for crop insurance.

“The insured commented how easy the Precision Claims process all was. He liked that he only needed to sign once instead of ten times.”

-FMH Field Claims Supervisor

Revenue or Yield Loss Claims

Using just three precision records, your FMH precision-certified adjuster can adjust a loss in a fraction of the time – no need for bin measurements, load logs, or other time-consuming paperwork. 
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