Trend Adustment

What is Trend Adjustment?

Trend Adjustment adds to your APH yield to more accurately reflect your actual yields. It looks at your APH yield database for however long you have farmed the land and then accounts for the benefits of newer varieties in existence today as compared to varieties previously available.

How Does It Work?

  • Trend Adjustment assesses yields by county
  • ?Makes up for lag in APH yields
  • Recalculated every year
  • ?Continuous until canceled
  • Must be chosen by sales closing date
  • ?Covers corn, soybeans and wheat  (not available everywhere)
  • Higher rate does apply


In this example, APH is illustrated in a 10-year database for corn both with and without TA applied. The results are based on an assumption that the trend adjustment from county actuarial is two bushels a year.

Trend Adjustment Factors

Download trend adjustment factors for qualifying crops below.