Reinsurance Services

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From underwriting support to education seminars, the FMH Reinsurance Department is dedicated to making sure your company is properly equipped to deal with every aspect of our industry, both big and small. FMH can offer you personal support and service in the form of underwriting assistance, business plan creation, legal referrals, and much more. We've served small companies from the very beginning, and we know how to provide a solid foundation for your company’s financial future.

  • Education Seminars
  • Rate Studies
  • Claims Assistance
  • Catastrophe Exposure Modeling
  • Business & ERM Plans

  • Forms and Filing Assistance
  • Underwriting Assistance
  • Legal Referrals
  • Board Meetings
  • Merger Assistance

"FMH's educational seminars opened my eyes to the industry – how it's affecting us, and what's going to happen in the future. They helped me understand my mutual's position in the industry, and they help all of us keep up on the times."

Becky Deters, Home Farmers Mutual

Service Details

Education Seminars
Our reinsurance education seminars are some of the most widely attended training events in the industry. We offer a wide range of meetings and educational opportunities, including:

  • Managers' Meetings
  • Claims School
  • Inspection School
  • Underwriting School
  • Board of Directors Retreats

Claims Assistance
The FMH Reinsurance Department can help your company deal with claims by helping to answer coverage questions, formulate claims strategies, and educate your staff about the latest industry trends. We can also provide:

  • Advice and support at the time of a loss
  • Correspondence assistance and samples
  • Referrals to independent adjusting professionals
  • Access to resources
  • Answers to coverage questions
  • Access to our network of industry experts
  • CAT modeling
  • Availability of advance funds, if appropriate
  • On-site assistance where appropriate
  • Referral to claims professionals

Business & ERM Plans
Your business is everything. That's why we help you create the comprehensive plan you deserve to ensure it both survives and thrives in a competitive business environment. Our business plan services can help you:

  • Analyze financials and agency force
  • Measure potential opportunities and threats to your business
  • Build a plan to be profitable 

Legal Referrals
FMH can provide your company with a list of lawyers who are familiar with your business and your area.

Merger Assistance
Merging your business with another can be a difficult process to navigate. We offer a full range of services that can help you negotiate a merger and ensure both sides are involved and satisfied with the proceedings. Our merger assistance services include:

  • Working closely with both your company and your potential merger partner
  • Corresponding with departments of insurance
  • Analyzing the two companies' combined financials
  • Meeting with both Boards of Directors 

Rate Studies
FMH Reinsurance provides rate studies services to help businesses assess themselves. We can help you:

  • Take data and analyze your classes of business
  • Determine what lines of business you should be growing in and what lines should be shrinking

Catastrophe Exposure Modeling

FMH can help your mutual find and avoid the worst risks in your business with catastrophe exposure modeling. This service helps to:
  • Use geographic information to create risk models
  • Come up with worst case scenarios
  • Find catastrophe exposure concentrations

Forms and Filing Assistance
FMH can provide assistance for a variety of underwriting and claims needs, including forms creation and filing. Our services include:
  • Answering questions on specific forms and updating forms
  • Providing assistance in company specific forms development
  • Helping with updating applications

Underwriting Assistance
  • Guidance on individual risks or hypothetical coverage questions
  • Help with questions on new markets or new coverages
  • A resource for questions on cancellations/non-renewals/altered terms or state statutes and administrative codes

Board Meetings
The FMH Reinsurance Department is dedicated to ensuring the companies who do business with us receive the most tailored and personal service possible. Reinsurance representatives from FMH can meet with your Board of Directors to discuss business strategies, including:
  • Financial decisions
  • Human resources
  • Agency service