Reporting a Crop Claim

Most hailstorms last three to five minutes. In that time, Mother Nature can deal a crushing blow to your crops, your profits, and the future of your farming operation. Remove that risk today with Crop Hail coverage from Farmers Mutual Hail.

Reporting a Crop Claim

(Except Area Yield Protection (AYP), Area Revenue Protection (ARP), Area Revenue Protection-Harvest Price Exclusion (ARP-HPE),
Rainfall Index (RI) & Vegetation Index (VI)


Insureds should contact their agent to report a claim.


Agents may report claims by logging into the
FMH Agent Center.


Complete a "Notice of Damage or Loss" Card: fax to 515-282-1220 or mail to the following address:
6785 Westown Parkway
West Des Moines, IA 50266


Phone the Home Office: Claim Reporting Center 855-364-3276 ext. 042

What can insureds do to expedite the claim process?

  • Be Organized
  • Submit your claim for indemnity on time. The Common Crop Policy places strict limitations on an Insurance provider's ability to pay any claim that is not submitted in a timely manner.
  • Keep production records separate by unit.
  • As much as possible have available written third party verification of yield history available.
  • Cooperate with the adjuster in the investigation or settlement of a claim.
  • Speed up your claims payment by adding your bank account in the Policyholder Center or having your agent set up direct deposit.

What is a simplified claim?

The Simplified Claim Process (SCP) is available for a number of crops. This process allows insureds to submit information to prove their claim without having an adjuster make an inspection. To qualify, all acreage of the unit must be harvested and all production must be delivered to a third party with written verification provided. To be eligible, the loss must be less than $20,000 per optional unit and less than $40,000 for a basic or enterprise unit. For more information on the SCP procedures please contact your agent or click the button below.