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APH Review Done in One Hour? It's Possible with Precision Solutions

David Lass, FMH Compliance Field Specialist, has been working policy reviews and audits for four years. When he started using FMH Precision Solutions in his process, he immediately started seeing the benefits not only for his own role, but for the insured too...

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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider ECO This Year

With coverage up to 95 percent of expected crop value, it’s no wonder this insurance endorsement is catching the attention of so many.

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Tracy Recognized by Farmers Union Agency

Dakota Tracy, FMH District Sales Manager II was recently recognized by Farmers Union Agency as a WOW Warrior...

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Celebrating Our 2020 Achievements

From expanding our pilot drone program to setting a record for precision-reported acres, 2020 included many newsworthy stories for FMH. Check out some of our top stories from 2020 that showcase our milestones, expanded product offerings, and the many ways we supported our community, agents, and policyholders during a challenging year.

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Hoff Recognized by Farmers Union Agency

Sara Hoff, FMH P&C Underwriting Coordinator, was recently recognized by Farmers Union Agency as a WOW Warrior.

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FMH Now Offering Enhanced Coverage Option

FMH is proud to offer the new federal Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) endorsement for the 2021 crop year.

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FFA Scholarship Application Reminder

Every year, for more than 30 years, FMH has sponsored FFA scholarships for students interested in pursuing a degree in an agriculture-related field.

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Precision Saves Time in Native Sod Claim

“Something that usually would take me 20 hours all together only took me about 5 hours. I was able to do the entire claim without having to meet the farmer in person until it was time for the farmer to sign the claim,” said FMH Adjuster Jerry Krosbakken.

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