Reporting Federal Crop Insurance

with Precision Ag

Ready to report your precision ag data?
FMH accepts data from any color of equipment and a variety of FMS brands.

Electronically Report Your Acreage or Production Data

Electronically report your acreage or production data to your FMH agent quickly and without needing
to leave your home office through the FMH Policyholder Center.

FMH connects with many popular FMS for seamless, electronic reporting. Locate your FMS brand and instructions.

Sending Data to FMH

Read our set up checklist to learn about the type of data you will need to collect in order to use your precision data for crop insurance.

John-Deere-Operations-Center-Logo FMH connects directly to your John Deere Operations Center™ account for seamless and secure electronic reporting.

How to Submit John Deere Data

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FMH connects directly to your Climate FieldView™ account for seamless and secure electronic reporting.

How to Submit FieldView Data

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FMH can accept data from nearly all farm management software with our unique precision data upload feature, including:

AgLeader SMS • AgFiniti • AFS Connect
Don’t see your brand? Talk to your agent or FMH Precision Tech Specialist to find out if FMH can accept your data.

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Your Data Is Secure

You own your data, you choose who uses your data, and we only use what’s needed for crop insurance. While precision equipment captures a variety of agronomic data, FMH only uses the required data for insurance and government reporting, which is the same information that is manually reported today.

New to precision crop insurance?

Learn the basics of FMH Precision Solutions, how it can benefit you, and how to get started.

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