Prepping Your Customers for Planting with Precision

Help your farmers use the precision data they're already collecting to simplify planting and reporting this spring.

Many farmers already collect precision data as part of their planting routine. Precision Crop Insurance SolutionsTM from FMH allows farmers to use this data to make crop insurance faster, easier, and more accurate.

Prep your farmers for a simplified planting and reporting process with precision this spring.

Resources for Planting Success with Precision

  • Download our Planting and Equipment Checklist (left) to help your customers ensure they are recording everything they need to successfully report their planting data with precision.
  • Help your customers determine which precision data reporting option is best for them. FMH accepts data from any color of equipment and a variety of FMS brands through the FMH Policyholder Center.




 Find More on YouTube!

Did you know our YouTube channel has a dedicated precision section?  Our Precision Pulse videos are great resources to share with your farmers. Post to your agency social pages or your website to educate about precision in less than three minutes!


Watch Our Precision Pulse Planting Video