Reporting Acreage with FMH Precision Solutions

Many policyholders already collect precision ag data during planting. Put that data to work to report acreage for crop insurance with FMH Precision Solutions.

Did you know? It's not too late to report acreage with precision. Many farmers are already collecting precision ag data during planting.

Using Precision Crop Insurance SolutionsTM from FMH, policyholders can use that data to report their acreage electronically for crop insurance. Policyholders can also use the same data to certify acres at the FSA office for acreage reporting.

How Precision Solutions Simplifies Acreage Reporting

  • If the policyholder already collects the following data during planting, they can report it with precision:
    • Client/Farm/Field names
    • Crop
    • Date
    • Acres planted
  • FMH accepts data from any color of equipment and a variety of FMS brands through the FMH Policyholder Center (PHC), including unique connections with Climate FieldViewTM and John Deere Operations CenterTM.
  • Agents can generate FSA Summary Reports for the policyholder to bring to the FSA office so they can use their data for FSA reports as well.

Learn More on YouTube!

FMH Precision Tech Specialist Cole Olson explains how to report acreage using precision ag data, including what GPS and equipment is needed, what data should be recorded during planting, and how to submit data for crop insurance.

Watch Our Precision Acreage Reporting Video