with a Personalized Approach

What Our Reinsurance Clients are Saying

The relationships we build with our clients are more than just contracts. Following a once-in-a-lifetime catastrophic weather event, two mutuals leaned on FMH so they could take care of their policyholders. Hear their stories and why they continue to choose FMH as a reinsurance partner.

How Can an FMH Partnership Benefit You?

What Sets FMH apart?

Benefits of Partnering with FMH

Financial Strength & Stability

  • Conservative NWP-to-Surplus ratio
  • Proven history of profitability and conservative management
  • FMH maintains a conservative solvency ratio of 1:3

Well-Balanced Portfolio

  • Direct reinsurer for county mutual in four Midwestern states
  • National reinsurer in the broker market
  • Crop reinsurer where not written on a primary basis

Client Focus

  • Small to medium-sized regional property accounts
  • Individually Tailored Reinsurance Programs


  • Reinsurance programs tailored specificatlly to each company's needs
  • Comprehensive financial and annual statement analysis
  • Educational meetings and seminars


Farmers Mutual Hail has maintained an Excellent rating from A.M. Best for decades, with our first A.M. Best rating and analysis dating back to 1923. The financial stability of FMH continues to stand strong and we are ready to deliver in times of need.

What We Do

County Mutuals • Regional US Carriers • Crop + Certain Specialty Lines

The Division also has responsibility for purchasing reinsurance for FMH and its subsidiaries.
This combination of selective business contracts has upheld FMH’s financially stable outlook for over a century.

How We Do It

Much like our clients, we understand that business is people. We approach our partnerships on a person-to-person level and support our clients' business strategies by understanding their risk appetite and by providing individually tailored reinsurance solutions. We get to know our clients and their employees by name, and we invest time into building a strong relationship with everyone on their team.

We also understand that for small companies, the customer is the center of their business. We are known for our underwriting excellence, strong balance sheet, and reliable claims-paying practices, resulting in superior reinsurance value for the companies who do business with us.

How Can an FMH Partnership Benefit You?

Are you a small to moderate-sized county mutual or regional carrier looking for a reinsurance partner ready to listen to your needs
and tailor a program to fit your business? Contact the FMH Reinsurance team to discuss how we can support you.