Q&A with an FMH Precision Tech Specialist

Learn how our expert staff supports agents getting started with Precision Solutions

From the beginning, FMH has committed to providing agents and farmers with a dedicated Precision Tech Specialist (PTS) to aid in all things FMH Precision Solutions.

Learn how our in-house precision experts assist agents and farmers through all stages of the precision process, from FMH PTS Marc Husman!

How does a PTS support agents through the precision lifecycle?

In my role as a PTS, I answer any questions agents or farmers may have as they start using FMH Precision Solutions for crop reporting, precision claims, and APH reviews. Generally, a PTS will walk agents through each step along the way their first three years so they can learn the process themselves and better serve their customers.

How does a PTS facilitate the onboarding process for agents who are new to precision?

If an agent starts using precision, I'll set up a meeting with them, walk through the process, and create a plan with them so they can prospect and serve their precision customers. We generally make a list of insureds they'd like to get set up with precision, meet with those insureds, and go through the process with them as well.

How can agents get started with precision today?

If an agent would like to get started with precision, I would encourage them to reach out to their local PTS or FMH Sales Manager to have a conversation about a game plan for the coming year. I would also encourage agents to attend some of our Precision Tech Tuesday webinars -- they are full of good knowledge and tips for all things precision!

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