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With FMH Precision Solutions, crop insurance agents are offering the latest in crop insurance technology for the most accurate reporting and claims, faster electronic processes, and a service that provides value to their customers and agencies.

Why Offer Precision Solutions?

When you offer FMH Precision Solutions, you:

Stay Relevant & Progressive

The demand for precision data-related solutions is growing – and will continue to grow. Be prepared to meet the demand.

Differentiate Your Agency

Precision Solutions provide a benefit to your customers they can’t get elsewhere. When your customers want to use their precision data for crop insurance, be ready before they go to your competition.

Improve Your Business Processes

Precision Solutions improve on traditional processes that are often time-consuming, which means you can focus more time on customer relationships and growing your business.

FMH is Your Partner

You need a partner that will offer the solutions your customers want and need, and a partner that will help you grow with this technology.

What Sets FMH Apart?

Our Dedicated Precision Team Supports You

We have a dedicated staff to support you and your customers every step of the way including Precision Tech and ACR Specialists and adjusters trained to handle precision data for claims.

We Offer The Latest Technology

Our systems connect with popular farm management software platforms so data can flow directly from the farmer’s FMS into their FMH policy.

We Lead the Industry

We were among the first in the industry to create crop insurance solutions based on the accurate data from precision farming technology.

What Our Agents Are Saying

"FMH Precision Solutions makes acreage reporting a breeze. It’s great having accuracy on acres and confidence in the system.”


-Agents Shelly Pfisterer & Jeana Harms,
Agri-Risk Solutions, Gering, NE

Agent Role In Precision Solutions

As a trusted adviser to your customer, you will guide them through how prepare and take the steps to report electronically and prepare for precision claims, all with the support of FMH’s expert team.


  • After planting or harvest, the farmer electronically sends their acreage or production data from their Farm Management Software (FMS) to FMH systems – they don’t need to print paperwork or even leave their home office to report their acreage data!
  • Within minutes, the agent can start processing the data in FMH systems. The agent reviews and matches the data to the policy in the FMH system and is then able to generate an acreage or production report for a signature.
  • Agents can also use the precision data to generate a map-based report that can be used for certification at the FSA office.


  • When a farmer experiences a loss, they should contact their agent as soon as possible.
  • When submitting a Notice of Loss to FMH, agents can designate if the farmer uses precision ag equipment and if they use FMH Precision Solutions for reporting.
  • The FMH adjuster can use planting and harvest maps along with calibration records to adjust the loss – reducing the paperwork and time spent adjusting, so farmers can receive claim payments even faster.

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