TruAcre Technology is now
FMH Precision Solutions

Welcome to FMH Precision Solutions! FMH has acquired TruAcre Technology because of our commitment to serving Americas Farmers and recognition of the need for customized precision farm technology support.




TrueAcre Technology has been acquired by Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company. You can now find many of the same resources from the TruAcre website, now on

If you are visiting this site as an existing customer, rest assured that many of the same services you received from TruAcre will continue under FMH Precision Solutions, including service agreements, and parts and software as availability allow. Please contact your technician or 1-800-260-8366 with inquires.

We are excited about the new opportunities the combination of our two companies will present for farmers across the Midwest. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as we work through this transition.


Meeting all of your PRECISION FARMING needs.

Plant How You Start Determines How You Finish!

At FMH Precision Solutions, we know the season begins before the first seed is planted. We’ll get you started off right.

Harvest Every Seed... Every Kernel... Every Bean... Every Time.

When the weather is right and your crops are ready to combine, you don’t have time to wait for technology.

Report Spot-On Accurate Reporting - Made Simple

Perhaps one of the least-exciting parts of farming is trying to sort out where the grain came from, where it went and how it’s being stored.

Relax When the Last Bushel is in the Bin

Nothing feels better than completing a task well. For you and your operation, that sense of relief comes when the last bushel is in the bin.

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