Precision Crop Insurance Solutions

Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™ from FMH use your precision ag data for electronic reporting and claims – making crop insurance faster, easier, and more accurate.

What are Precision Crop Insurance Solutions?

Use Precision Data for Acreage & Production Reporting

Use the data you are already collecting for required crop insurance reporting after planting and harvest. With FMH, you can electronically send your precision data to your agent – no need to leave your home office!

Use Precision Data for Claims

Using just three precision records, your FMH adjuster can adjust a loss in a fraction of the time. Plus, you can have confidence your data is accurate, consistent, and complete – resulting in the fairest loss payment.

Use Precision Data for APH Reviews

Use your electronic precision records for supporting a review to save time, provide the most accurate data available, and improve record organization.

“Precision Solutions also makes us more efficient by reporting the correct acres and increasing APH’s over time.  It also saves time reporting and should reduce errors both for the farmer and agent.”

-FMH Agent, Kansas

How Precision Solutions is Working for Our Farmers

What Are The Benefits Of Precision Solutions?


It's Convenient

  • Use the precision data you are already capturing
  • Electronic reporting means you can report without leaving your home office
  • Simplify record keeping with fewer documents and paper records 


Save Money

  • With more accurate data, you insure exactly what you plant and harvest
  • Potentially increase your APH
  • Potentially reduce your crop insurance premium


Save Time

  • FMH connects to multiple Farm Management Software (FMS) for a faster, more seamless reporting experience
  • Fewer records are needed for adjusting a loss, so validating a claim takes less time – from days to hours and hours to minutes!

Your Data Is Secure

You own your data, you choose who uses your data, and we only use what’s needed for crop insurance. While precision equipment captures a variety of agronomic data, FMH only uses the required data for insurance and government reporting, which is the same information that is manually reported today.

Why FMH?


Dedicated Precision Team

Our specialists will meet you in the office or field to answer questions and ensure the process is smooth. Our precision-certified adjusters understand precision agriculture records for a faster adjusting process.

We Offer the Latest Technology

Our systems connect with popular FMS platforms so data can flow directly from your FMS into your FMH policy. Plus, we don’t clip boundaries, so we use the most accurate data possible.

We Lead the Industry

We were among the first in the industry to create crop insurance solutions based on the accurate data from precision farming technology. We continue to innovate and influence this growing tech space by regularly working with RMA to ensure new guidelines reflect precision farming data needs.

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