FMH + FieldView

Connectivity That Simplifies Crop Insurance


With the unique FMH and FieldView connectivity, growers can electronically report acreage and production to their FMH agent with just a few simple clicks. Farmers Mutual Hail can also use this data to adjust a loss, reducing the time spent on a claim so growers can be paid even faster.

EASY - Report electronically with just a few simple clicks
ACCURATE - Insure exactly what you plant and harvest
FAST - Losses settled in a fraction of the time, resulting in a faster claim payment to you

How Does It Work?

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FMH and The Climate Corporation collaborated to develop a unique connection between the FMH Crop Policyholder Center and FieldView. 

The connection between Farmers Mutual Hail and FieldView is seamless, secure, and allows policyholders to report acreage and production data with just a few simple clicks.

  1. Access your FMH Policyholder Center account from anywhere and on any device.
  2. Connect to your FieldView account under Integrations.
  3. Send your data to your FMH agent after planting and harvest for fast and seamless reporting.

Your agent will receive your data in FMH systems and generate an acreage or production report for you to sign.

Data Use

What data is shared?

While precision equipment captures a variety of agronomic data, FMH only uses the required data for insurance and government reporting, which is the same information that is manually reported today. This includes crop, plant date, and area data for acreage; wet-weight, moisture, harvest date, and area data for production. The connection with FieldView is secure and can be disconnected at any time.

How can I use this data for faster, more accurate claims and simplified APH reviews?

When your FieldView data is used for claims, your FMH adjuster only requires a seeding map, harvest wet-weight map, and calibration records. Losses can be adjusted in a fraction of the time resulting in faster claim payment. 

Plus, if you use your FieldView data for claims with FMH, you are already gathering the accurate information needed for an APH review. Accessing these records is quick and easy, saving you time and speeding up the review process.

Why FMH and FieldView?


At FMH, we understand how crop insurance must harness the power of field data for enhanced solutions and better coverage. Our goal with FMH Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™ is to not only use precision data for more accurate coverage, but to simplify the processes of reporting, claims, and APH reviews for our policyholders, agents, and employees.

We will continue to pursue and invest in innovative technologies that ease doing business with FMH for our policyholders, as well as create valuable solutions that help our agency partners stand out from the competition. Through our collaboration with The Climate Corporation, we will continue to develop solutions that benefit everyone who works with FMH.

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