Post-Application Coverage Endorsement

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The Post-Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE) is a federal product for conservation-minded producers who split-apply nitrogen.
PACE provides extra coverage for projected yield lost when you are unable to post-apply nitrogen to your growing corn crop due to field conditions created by adverse weather.

How Does it Work?

  • Covers post-application nitrogen during V3-V10 corn growth stages
  • Works with YP, RP, or RP-HPE underlying plans
  • Provides coverage levels from 75%-90%, in 5% increments
  • Uses intended ratio split of nitrogen applied pre-application and post-application

What Are the Benefits?

  • Can be combined with other endorsements like ECO
  • Coverage is available on an acreage level basis within a unit
  • Financially supports your conservation practice
  • Receive a premium subsidy based on the coverage level you elect


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PACE is available where non-irrigated corn is insurable in all counties of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, and in select counties of Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Dakota.

Covered Crops
PACE coverage is available for non-irrigated corn.

When Does Coverage Attach?
Coverage attaches once the application is received after the sales closing date of the underlying plan.

Expiration of Coverage
Coverage is continuous until cancelled.  If your underlying policy is cancelled or transferred, PACE coverage will also be cancelled.


Covered Acres: 100Projected Price: $6.00
Approved Yield: 200 bushelsPACE Coverage Level: 90%
Share: 100%PACE Loss Factor: 17%
200 bushels/acre x $6.00 /bu = $1,200/acre
$1,200/acre x 100 acres = $120,000
$120,000 x 90% Coverage Level x 100% Share = $108,000
$108,000 x 17% loss factor = $18,360 Indemnity Payment

Example dollar amounts are for illustration only and will vary.