Actual Production History

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Actual Production History (APH) is a multi-peril crop insurance product that provides protection against losses in yield due to nearly all natural disasters. For most crops, that includes drought, excess moisture, cold and frost, wind, flood, and unavoidable damage from insects and disease. APH guarantee a yield based on an individual producer’s actual production history. If the Production to Count is
less than the Yield Guarantee, an indemnity is paid.

How Does It Work?

  • Establishes a guarantee of bushels per acre
  • Price is established by the Federal Crop insurance Corporation (FCIC)
  • Pays an indemnity if the Production to Count falls below the Yield Guarantee

What Are the Benefits?

  • Offers a competitive premium
  • Subsidized by the FCIC
  • Protection against production loss
  • Based on a producer’s own production history
  • Provides coverage levels ranging from 50% to 85% of the APH
  • Provides coverage on basic and optional units
  • Enterprise unit coverage is available in some areas
  • 60% to100% coverage of the projected or FCIC price

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Additional Information

Coverage Level
Coverage level is the percentage of APH yield selected by the producer. The producer can select a coverage level of the APH yield ranging from 50% up to 85% in 5% increments.

Insurance Units
APH is available for basic and optional units. Enterprise and whole-farm unit coverage is available in some areas.

Per-acre premiums will depend on the county of the insured crop, unit structure, the crop’s APH yield, and price elections. Higher coverage levels and higher elected prices result in higher premiums.

Additional Coverages 
Additional coverages include Late Planting Coverage, Prevented Planting, and Replant Provisions.

Production to Count
Production to Count equals harvested and appraised production from the insured acreage.

Yield Guarantee
(APH Yield) x (Coverage Level)
If the Production to Count is less than the Yield Guarantee, an indemnity is paid.

Amount of Production
(Yield Guarantee) x (Projected Price)
The Indemnity Payment per Acre will not exceed the Amount of Protection per acre.

Elected Price (APH only)
The elected price is calculated from the FCIC price. Based on the level of coverage selected, the producer can select an elected price ranging from 60% up to 100% of the FCIC price.

Elected Price Example
If FCIC price on corn is $6.00, and the producer select the price percentage of 80%, $6.00 x 80% = $4.80 per bushel coverage as the elected price.