Grain Fire

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When harvest approaches, crops are at a greater risk for fire damage. Grain Fire coverage from FMH can give you the extra protection you need to ensure your crops are protected through dry summer conditions.

Grain Fire is a policy that covers fire damage in standing grain and grain in transit until first place of storage. Talk to your FMH agent to learn what crops may be eligible in your area. The Grain Fire policy is offered as a private product by FMH and is not reinsured by the FCIC. Coverage under this policy is non-continuous and must be purchased and approved by FMH each crop year.

How Does It Work?

  • Covers loss from fire or damage from lightning strike before and during harvest. (Coverage is in excess over other valid and collectible insurance.)
  • Covers a loss from a transit accident while the harvested insured crop is in a harvester or other mobile equipment. This may include damage caused by windstorm, collision, overturn, and collapse of bridges, docks, or culverts.
*Coverage may not be available for all crops or all states. Please see your FMH agent for more information.

What Are the Benefits?

  • No deductible
  • Provides more coverage for the peril of fire for small and coarse grains
  • Adds coverage on a per-acre basis

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Sample Calculation

Damaged Acres: 100Insurance per Acre: $150
Percent of Loss: 100% 
100 x $150 x 100% = $15,000 Indemnity Payment

All calculations are for example purposes only.

Additional Information

Covered Crops
Eligible crops include small and coarse grains.

Coverage varies by state, check with your FMH agent for availability.
Expiration Date of Coverage
Coverage under this policy will expire December 1. Coverage may also expire the date the harvest is complete, the crop is abandoned, or the insured crop is destroyed by FMH.