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ECO+ is an endorsement to your ECO policy that offers individual protection above the county protection of your underlying plan. ECO+ provides individual-based coverage if you, or both the county and you, experience a loss.

How Does it Work?

  • Your ECO+ doesn’t have to follow ECO selection, option to choose Revenue or Yield protection
    • Example: RP underlying policy with ECO revenue and ECO+ yield policy
  • Available in two bands of coverage: 86%-90% or 86%-95%
    • Option for different bands based on crop, practice, and/or ECO plan type
  • Coverage must be elected by the sales closing date for your underlying policy

What Are the Benefits?

  • Offers individual loss coverage on top of underlying plan
  • ECO+ coverage matches the liability of your county ECO coverage
  • ARC or PLC participation has no impact on eligibility


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ECO+ is available throughout the FMH writing area for covered crops including corn and soybeans. ECO+ is only offered with an Optional Unit structure. Talk to your FMH agent for more details.

Indemnities are determined after RMA provides Final Yields/Revenues the following summer, which is a similar process to SCO, MP, and ARPI. Producers will receive the higher of an ECO or ECO+ payment or a combination of both.

Payment Scenarios
  • County loss only = possible ECO payment
  • Individual loss only = possible ECO+ payment
  • Both individual and county loss = possible payment from ECO and ECO+


MPCI Coverage: 75% Revenue Protection Production to Count: 15,000 bushels
Coverage Band: 90% - 86%Approved Yield Revenue: $64,000
Upper % of Coverage Band: 90%MPCI Projected Price: $4.00
Coverage Spread: 4%MPCI Harvest Price: $3.50
Acres: 80Share: 100%
Approved Yield: 200 bu./acre
ECO Indemnity: $500

Determine the Total Limit of Insurance

75% x $4.00 Projected Price x 4% Coverage Spread x 200 APH x 80 acres x 100% Share = $1,920 Total Limit of Insurance

Determine the Harvest Revenue

15,000 Production to Count x $3.50 Harvest Price = $52,500 Harvest Revenue

Determine the Loss Percentage

90% – [52,500 Harvest Revenue/$64,000 Approved Yield Revenue] = 7.97% Loss Percentage
(Cannot be greater than the coverage band spread so 4% is used instead)

Determine Payment Factor

4%/4% = 1.0000 Payment Factor

Calculate the ECO+ Indemnity

$1,920/acre - $500 ECO Indemnity = $1,420 ECO+ Payment

* This sample is for example purposes only. Contact an FMH agent for full details.