FMH Agents Talk Precision Solutions

When it comes to customer service, FMH offers agents and policyholders valuable support for Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™. But don't take it from us, hear more from FMH agents about their experience with our support team.

"Our Precision Technology Specialist was willing to go the extra mile – he has come to countless meetings with us and helped us get countless farmers set up. I just can’t say enough about the partnership that we as an agency have with him and the entire FMH precision team." - Shelly Pfisterer Agri-Risk Solutions, Nebraska & Colorado

"Service with FMH is wonderful. When agents and customers need help after hours, FMH is there. It’s a three-way road with FMH, agents, and customers. When we all work together, we achieve a common goal." - Chris Yockey Yockey Insurance, Iowa

"FMH staff are very kind and very helpful – it’s very comforting to know they’re a call away." - Kim DeLay DeLay Insurance, Iowa

"FMH’s customer service for our agents and our insureds is excellent, second to none.  They are on time, they know  their clients, and their clients  have been very pleased with it." - Garrit Juffer Juffer Inc., South Dakota

"FMH has the resources and the people to back up Precision Solutions. Through their dedicated precision team, FMH has really made it possible and given me confidence as an agent to be able to tell an insured, ‘I can take your precision data and use it for your acreage report and your production report,’ and know that it’s going to be successful." - Jason Eden Eden Agency, Nebraska

"I choose FMH for my policyholders because I know FMH has a commitment to help when things don’t go as planned." - Travis Keister Minn-Iowa Crop Insurance Services, Minnesota

"Our Precision Technology Specialist has a great deal of knowledge of the system and has become an invaluable resource for any issue that I need help with. He was able to use a workaround to get the data I needed to complete a report. It is outside-the-box thinking like this that impresses me. I appreciate that. It saves me time and allows  me to move forward." - Chad McCollester Mid Continent Insurance Consultants, Iowa