Why Use Social Media as a Tool for Your Agency?

Staying connected with your customers is crucial now more than ever. Follow FMH on social media to find shareable content on crop insurance and more for your agency pages.

Now, more than ever, maintaining an online social media presence is an important way to stay connected with your customers. The coronavirus pandemic has challenged and changed the way agents are able to communicate with their customers, making online methods of communication vital business tools. According to a recent Pew Center research survey, Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms in the U.S. with a 69 percent usage rate. Three quarters of those users visit the site daily.

As part of an agency’s marketing plan, agents can use social media platforms like Facebook to share information about upcoming dates, meetings, and relevant tips and advice. They can also use social media to raise awareness about the agency’s value, involvement in the community, and important causes. By regularly sharing important and relatable information, an agency’s social media page can become a source of knowledge for its customers and a way to connect with new clients.

On a larger scale, social media can help spread information and build support for the agriculture and crop insurance industries. As the broader community turns its attention to weather events and the effects of the pandemic on a struggling farm economy, sharing facts and success stories on social media can go a long way to support crop insurance and counteract misunderstandings about farming and risk management.

Because of the nature of social media platforms, sharing posts from other pages can be as engaging as producing original content. A well-developed social media plan isn’t necessary when an agency follows trustworthy sources and shares content aligned with its own messaging, allowing the agency to easily maintain a relevant social media presence.

Industry associations and government agencies are good sources to follow for shareable content. Organizations including National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) and the Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau (CIRB) often feature facts and the latest updates on crop insurance legislation, affecting companies, agencies, and farmers. Accounts from the USDA like Farmers.gov offer up resources on government programs and tools.

Agencies have many options when it comes to promoting their business and connecting with customers, but social media platforms stand out as a user-friendly and affordable way to share information and stay top of mind.


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