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Experts in Crop Insurance & Precision Ag

Farmers Mutual Hail has been protecting America’s farmers with innovative insurance products and solutions for over 125 years. We lead the industry with solutions that combine the power of precision ag technology with crop insurance and invest in accelerators that encourage forward-thinking technology for both agriculture and insurance.

Who We Are

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa (FMH) is one of the nation’s leading providers of crop insurance, serving America’s farmers since it was founded in the heartland in 1893. 

Our Products

FMH offers federal crop insurance to protect farmers against the financial risk of weather events, natural disasters, or market fluctuation. We also offer supplemental private products, such as protection against hail and wind, plus exclusive endorsements that provide additional price and yield protection. 


In addition to our insurance products, FMH provides reinsurance products and solutions, assuming risk from other companies including farm mutuals and regional carriers throughout the U.S.

Ag Brokerage Solutions

FMH is among the first farm insurance companies to offer a wide range of ag-focused insurance products through its brokerage services, allowing agents to round out customers’ coverage with options like farm & ranch, personal lines, agribusiness, animal mortality, equine, transportation, and workers’ compensation.

Why Crop Insurance?

Farmers rely on crop insurance to see them through crop losses, market price fluctuations, and unforeseen disasters before, during, and after their crops are in the ground. In 2018, 1.1 million federal policies were sold protecting more than 130 different crops covering 335 million acres, with an insured value of $110 billion. *

Crop insurance is an important part of any farm operation’s financial management and agronomic decision-making. As technology continues to integrate farm systems, software, and data across these operations, crop insurance is another piece to the puzzle that can enhance the way farmers plan and work.

Leverage your product with something farmers already include in their operation with FMH.

*Per National Crop Insurance Services website:


CREATE solutions benefiting growers, ag service providers, and the tech industry

INTEGRATE your technology with an integral part of any farm operation.

LEVERAGE your products within a new ag space.

Join Us In Enhancing The Future Of Ag

Only with FMH, your business will feel confident you are working with:

Leaders in Precision Ag Solutions

We were the first in the industry to create crop insurance solutions based on the accurate data from precision ag technology. We continue to innovate and influence this growing tech space; regularly working with the USDA Risk Management Agency to ensure new guidelines reflect precision farming data needs.

Experts in Crop Insurance

We couldn’t have lasted for over 125 years without knowledgeable and innovative employees. Our employees are leading experts in their fields and serve on multiple industry organization committees to impact the future of crop insurance. 

Investors in Technology

FMH leadership care about innovation and the future of agriculture and are committed to offering the best technology solutions for progressive farmers. FMH proudly serves as an original investor in the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA).


Proprietary Technology

We build and enhance our own systems and software, so integrating with our technology is direct and a one-on-one team collaboration.

A Trusted Brand in Agriculture

We have earned the trust of farmers for six generations through world class service and independent agents who choose to offer our products for their customers.

America’s Crop Insurance Company™

FMH takes pride in being a U.S.-based company and is one of the last U.S.-owned approved insurance providers (AIP). As a mutual company, FMH is owned by its policyholders, American farmers, and that’s to whom FMH remains dedicated.


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We pride ourselves in being experts and leaders with integrating precision ag data with crop insurance, and as we continue to pursue and invest in innovative technologies, we are looking for business partners to grow along with us.