Precision Solutions: Farm Management Software

Learn more about how farmers record, store, and organize their precision farming data through their Farm Management Software (FMS).

ACR Process 3Before Planting

Before planting farmers set up crop-related data in their FMS, including seed varieties or hybrids, prescription treatments, and farm and field names. Next, they import this data into their planting equipment display.

During Planting 

Farmers record the data for their operation via the display as they plant, and then export the recorded data back into their FMS, either with a wireless connection or with a USB drive. 

After Planting 

After all the data is in their FMS, they can analyze the field information to make agronomic decisions including how to manage their crops and plan ahead for next year. Most FMS also allows farmers the ability to view their data in a variety of ways with multiple "layers" of information. The process for using FMS during harvest is similar, but there is less set-up required. 

The data FMH uses for Precision Solutions is exported directly from the farmer's Farm Management Software. 


Acreage Reporting with FMS Data

After farmers are done planting and they have reviewed all of their recorded data in their FMS, they can electronically send it to their FMH agent for acreage reporting.

The agent confirms that the information matches their policy, imports the data into the FMH Agent Center, and then generates the acreage report for signing. FMH accepts accurate data from any color of equipment and a variety of FMS. 

Production Reporting

It's not too late to use Precision Solutions for production reporting. As a reminder, agents can submit RY2019 production data for current claims or to organize data for any current or future APH reviews.

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