Simplified Acreage Reporting

Using Precision Crop Insurance Solutions, producers can electronically report for crop insurance contact-free after they are done planting. FMH uses precision ag data from producers for more accurate coverage, and producers can also use the same data to certify acres at the FSA office for acreage reporting.

How Do Precision Solutions Simplify Acreage Reporting?

  • Connections: FMH accepts accurate data from any color of equipment and aCFV_STK_RGB variety of FMS, including its unique FMH + FieldView connection.
  • Accuracy: Accurate data insures what’s in the ground, potentially reducing premium and increasing APH over time.

  • Reports: Agent-generated reports speed up FSA certification process.

Reporting FSA Acres 

Map Report


Acres reported for insurance don’t have to match acres on file with the FSA. While this has been a long-standing business practice, precision ag data makes it much easier for agents, adjusters, and producers to verify and report acreage.



FMH agents can generate an FSA Summary Report for the producer to bring to their FSA office, so they can use their accurate precision data for FSA reports, as well.


How Acreage Reporting Works