Precision Solutions: How is Harvest Data Used?

Data collected during harvest can be used for three purposes: production reporting, a claim settlement in the event of a loss, and APH reviews. 

Precision Solutions helps to streamline all of these crop insurance processes by increasing data accuracy and decreasing paperwork - saving time for the farmer, agent, and adjuster. 

Farmer's steps to using precision data for crop insurance during harvest:









Production Reporting

The farmer can download harvest data from their FMS, and send it electronically to their agent. There is no need for the farmer to print paperwork or enter the data into a form for the agent. 



Map_Navy_200Precision Claims

If the farmer has a production loss, they can provide precision records for faster, more simplified adjusting. Only three documents are needed to verify a loss: Seeding Map, Calibration Report, and Harvest Wet-Weight Map. The farmer does not need to report electronically to use precision data for a claim.




APH Reviews 

If a farmer is using Precision Solutions for either reporting or claims, they are already gathering the accurate information needed to provide total production numbers for an APH review. Less paperwork means less storage and faster assembly of records for reviews.



FMH Calibration Report Forms

Proper calibration is important for accurate precision data reporting from farming equipment, and documenting calibration information helps provide the correct data for crop insurance processes. Farmers can use a free FMH Calibration Report Form to document calibration information.

Calibration reports can be downloaded from


Download Calibration Reports