Precision Solutions: What Agents Can Do in January for a Successful Precision Year

This time of year, agents may still be reporting 2019 production, while also focusing on 2020 grower meetings and crop insurance plans. Precision Solutions can help with both of these processes!

Learn Automated Crop Reporting Using 2019 Production

For agents interested in learning how to process precision data using ACR, now may be just the right time to start by entering 2019 production reports

combineIndependent from Acreage: Agents can report production via ACR whether or not they reported acreage via ACR. These two reporting processes are separate from each other. 


searchiconMore Time to Learn: Agents have time to learn and ask questions because there is no fast deadline, unlike with acreage reporting. 



Map_NavyCreate Best Practices: Using ACR for production reporting creates a 'best practices' process. Agents can generate map books with unit and legal information, which significantly reduces adjusting time in the event of a loss (before the RMA loss reporting deadline), as well as any APH reviews. 


Make Precision Solutions Part of Your 2020 Plan

Agents are meeting with farmers to prepare their 2020 crop insurance plans, which makes now a great time to have conversations about Precision Solutions. 

FMH Precision Solutions not only simplifies processes for agents and policyholders, it can help differentiate an agency and potentially bring in new customers.

Learn more about how an agency benefits from offering FMH Precision Solutions or contact us to get started.