Farmer Discovers Benefits of Using Precision Data for Crop Insurance

Precision ag data is enhancing crop insurance for farmers across America. Read about how this Midwest farmer saves time using precision data for a replant claim through Farmers Mutual Hail's Precision Solutions.

Farmers across America are discovering the benefits of using precision ag data to simplify crop insurance through Farmers Mutual Hail (FMH). From electronic acreage and production reporting, to faster claim payments and APH reviews, farmers are saving time during busy planting and harvest seasons simply by using the data they are already collecting.

“If the farmer is recording their planting and harvest acres, Farmers Mutual Hail can use that data to speed up reporting and claims,” said FMH Precision Technology Specialist Branden Plummer. “There aren’t many extra steps – we just have to make sure they are recording the right information for insurance, which is the exact same information they report today.”

Plummer has seen first-hand how using the accurate data from a farmer’s Farm Management Software (FMS) has saved hours – and even days – that would have been spent on paperwork for a claim. He shared his previous experience with a replant claim in Missouri.


Replant Claim Settlement Time Cut in Half

Tractor_farmer_adjuster_handshake_featureAfter a late-spring storm struck the Great Plains and Midwest, areas that had experienced good planting conditions earlier that year were suddenly faced with empty fields. With crops already emerging in many states, replanting efforts were underway, and with them, replant claims.

“I received a call from one of our adjusters in Missouri. The farmer had just finished planting 2,000 acres of corn and he needed to replant some of his fields. He was planning to report his acres using his precision data after planting,” said Plummer. “Before we can pay a replant claim, the insured must have an acreage report on file. He contacted me see to how quickly we might be able to turn around his original planting data into an acreage report for this claim.”

Farmers Mutual Hail’s system connects directly with many popular FMS so the farmer can submit their planting or harvest data seamlessly for their agent to process. Many farmers save time and paperwork – as well as increase accuracy – by choosing to electronically report to FMH without even needing to leave their home office or submit FSA 578s to their agent.

“With traditional methods, he would have had to make an appointment to certify his original planting data with his FSA office, bring his agent the FSA 578 form, and then his agent would have had to assign the acres to his policy to generate the acreage report that would be used for a replant claim,” explained Plummer. “This could take days or weeks.”

“With Precision Solutions at FMH, we don’t need a 578 to get his acres on his policy. We just need his precision planting data, which he can send to us electronically,” he added.

Farmer_precision_cab_featureThe farmer was able to send his planting data from his FMS to FMH systems that same day, and Plummer worked with the farmer’s agent that evening to help generate an acreage report. Together, they were able to provide the adjuster with the appropriate planting maps to show what was originally covered in less than 24 hours.

“I got the call from the adjuster at three in the afternoon. The agent received the farmer’s data later that day, and we were able to provide the map-based report to our adjuster and the farmer by the next morning,” said Plummer.

The FMH adjuster used the map-based report to verify originally planted acres. Once the farmer completed replanting his fields, he then only needed to provide replant maps from his FMS, and once the adjuster and farmer verified the paperwork, he received his payment.

“Using precision data really enabled the producer to get paid weeks faster than waiting on FSA or the paperwork needed with traditional reporting process. How fast we could get acres onto his policy made the difference,” said Plummer. “Precision Solutions really saved him a lot of time for this claim.”

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Learn More About Precision Solutions for Crop Insurance

Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™ from FMH use your precision ag data for electronic reporting and claims to make crop insurance faster, easier, and more accurate.

  • Use Precision Data for Acreage & Production Reporting

    Use the data you are already collecting for required crop insurance reporting after planting and harvest. With FMH, you can electronically send your precision data to your agent – no need to leave your home office!

  • Use Precision Data for Claims

    Using just three precision records, your FMH adjuster can adjust a loss in a fraction of the time. Plus, you can have confidence your data is accurate, consistent, and complete – resulting in the fairest loss payment.

  • Use Precision Data for APH Reviews
    Use your electronic precision records for supporting a review to save time, provide the most accurate data available, and improve record organization.

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