4 Reasons to Switch to Precision Claims

Experience faster, more accurate claims this year with FMH Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™.

Did you experience a yield or revenue loss this harvest season? Your loss adjustment can be faster, more accurate, and almost entirely electronic with FMH Precision Solutions. Here's four reasons to consider using your precision data for your crop insurance claim this year:

NavyClaimsDocsIcon1. Save Time with Fewer Documents

Your FMH adjuster only needs a planting map, harvest map, and calibration records to adjust the loss. They can often process most of the claim before even stepping foot on the farm if these are provided electronically in advance. Say ‘Goodbye’ to bin measurements, load records, and multiple adjustment appointments!

Combine icon2. Fairest Loss Payment

Precision farming systems document the exact areas planted and harvested, providing more accurate, consistent, and complete data – which results in the fairest loss payment.  

Checklist100x100 navy-100 icon3. No Previous Precision Reporting Required

While reporting with precision data saves time and provides the most accurate coverage, FMH adjusters can still process a claim for a non-precision policy if the farmer has everything recorded and calibrated to RMA standards. Click here to view the checklist. 

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4. Receive Claim Payments Faster

With less time needed to adjust the loss along with direct deposit payment options, the time for a claim payment to be processed and mailed is reduced – which means you can receive your payment sooner and with less hassle.

Improve your claim experience this year: Mention you have precision data to your FMH adjuster when you report a notice of loss. If you meet the requirements as outlined by RMA, your adjuster may be able to adjust the loss using your data. Learn more about FMH Precision Claims.