FMH and The Climate Corporation are Transforming Crop Insurance with New Technology Connection

When FieldView technology combines with FMH’s dedication to innovative insurance solutions, farmers experience more simplified and accurate crop insurance coverage than ever before.

Growers across America are discovering the benefits of using their FieldView™ data to simplify crop insurance through Farmers Mutual Hail (FMH). From electronic acreage and production reporting, to faster claim payments and APH reviews, growers are saving time during busy planting and harvest time simply by using the data they are already collecting.

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Save Time with the New FMH + FieldView Connection

Launched in the spring of 2019, the new FMH + FieldView connection allows FieldView users the ability to securely submit their planting and harvest data to their FMH agent with just a few clicks.

“The new FMH + FieldView integration dramatically simplified and reduced the amount of time it took to get acres from FieldView into FMH mapping, and it also seemed to increase the reliability and accuracy of the import,” said Jason Eden of Eden Agency, Inc. in Ceresco, Nebraska. “It actually made it enjoyable to import precision acres!”

When growers use precision data for crop insurance, they are reporting with the most accurate data available, which means they are insuring exactly what they plant. With more accurately documented planted and non-farmland acres, growers may discover they are over or under reporting for federal programs. By reporting their exact planted and harvested acres, growers can increase their APH, reduce their premiums, and remove the hassle of paperwork.

How Does the FMH + FieldView Connection Work?

To submit acres, policyholders access their FMH Policyholder Center account and follow the steps to integrate their FieldView™ account. When they have planting or harvest data to submit, they simply log into the Policyholder Center, select the data type and year, and submit their data. Their FMH agent will receive the data in FMH systems and then generate an acreage or production report for the policyholder to sign. 

“My customers like the fact that the precision system they have chosen to use is so directly supported by and connected to their insurance company and policy,” said Eden.



Claims Settled in A Fraction of the Time

Plus, Farmers Mutual Hail can use FieldView data and maps to settle a loss – reducing paperwork and increasing accuracy, which results in a faster claim payment. To use precision records for a claim settlement, FMH adjusters only require a seeding map, wet-weight harvest map, and calibration records. Because there is no need to measure bins, sort through load logs, or count scale tickets, losses that traditionally may take hours or days to adjust can be adjusted in a fraction of the time.


 “This is a game changer in ease of use from farmer and agent perspectives. The power and control are in the farmer’s hands.”  - Jason Eden, FMH Agent



How to Get Started

FieldView users interested in using their data to simplify crop insurance can contact their FMH agent to get started, or use our form to find your local FMH agent.

Learn more about FMH + FieldView on the Climate partner page.


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