Prep for the Production Reporting Deadline Using Precision

It's not too late to use FMH Precision Solutions for production reporting. Find out how you can use it, see important reporting reminders, and access other helpful resources.

It's not too late to use FMH Precision Solutions for production reporting. Using Precision Solutions for production reporting allows you to eliminate extra paperwork and simplify your processes while verifying policies for your customers. 

Did you know you can also use RY2021 production data to support potential APH reviews even if you don’t have a claim in RY2021?

Precision Reporting Reminders

When processing acres via precision reporting for production, please keep the following in mind before the Production Reporting Deadline (PRD):

  1. All precision acres must be processed by the PRD.
  2. All production reports must be signed by the PRD. 
  3. FMH cannot accept acres after the PRD or late-signed production reports.
  4. Import precision production into CY2021 through the data manager, but remember to change to CY2022 in FMHA before pulling in a policy and generating a production report.

Agent Resources

Important Dates Tool
The Production Reporting Deadline (PRD) for 2021 planted acres is fast-approaching for spring crops in many states in the FMH writing area. Use the FMH Important Dates Tool to find the PRD for your area.  

Missing APH Information Report
To find policies that need to be updated, agents can run their Missing APH Information report in FMHA.
Production Reporting Checklist

The PRD is also the deadline for other potential items that may need to be updated. Use the Crop Production Reporting checklist to make sure your policies are current.  

Production Reporting Agent Process
Need a refresher on production reporting and training resources? Check out the Production Reporting Agent Process guide on the FMH Agent Online Help site.  

If you have questions about using precision for production reporting, please contact your Precision Technology Specialist or email


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