New to Precision Reporting? Start with Production

Know any agents new to Precision Solutions who are interested in learning how to process precision data for reporting? Now may be the right time to start by entering 2021 production reports.

Why is Now the Right Time to Learn Precision Reporting?

Combine iconIt's Separate from Acreage

Agents can import precision production data for reporting using FMH’s unique connections whether or not they reported acreage the same way. These two reporting processes are separate from each other.


Icon Innovative

There's More Time to Learn

Agents have time to learn and ask questions because there is no fast deadline, unlike with acreage reporting. Check out a Precision Tech Tuesday webinar if you are brand new to Precision Solutions.


computer_checkmark_iconCreate Best Practices

Reporting production with precision data creates a 'best practice' process. FMH policyholders who are used to submitting precision data will have repeatable processes for both production reporting and the upcoming acreage reporting season. In the event of a claim or APH review, your dedicated Precision Technology Specialist can work to provide precision maps to the adjuster or compliance field specialist.


Learn More about Precision Production Reporting

laptop_training_hands_featureUpcoming Precision Tech Tuesday Webinars

Join us every Tuesday at 2:00 PM for a precision-focused webinar! Two webinar options are available this January and February:

Introduction to Precision Solutions
Learn the advantages of using precision data for crop insurance and how it can benefit your customers and agency.

Leading with Precision Solutions
How to identify new potential customers using precision and other ways precision can help strengthen your agency.

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