Solving Claim Problems With Precision Data

Find out what common claim problems Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™ can solve.

When it comes to crop insurance claims, Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™ can be utilized to solve common claim problems and save time for those who report, process, and receive claim payments. How can producers benefit from this value-added service? Read on to find out how.

What Claim Problems Does Precision Solutions Solve? 

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Multiple Adjuster Appointments 

Time Spent Certifying Acres 

Problem: Newer policyholders with claims may not have their farm unit structure set up yet, which can mean multiple adjuster appointments to collect and verify claims information.  Problem: Claims are validated with planting and harvest information, and the time it takes to gather all the required records can slow down the process. 
Solution: Precision Solutions allows the policyholder to report their planting and harvest information using their accurate precision data. With this, adjusters have less information to gather and may only need to meet once with the policyholder.  Solution: Precision data can be used to validate records like planted acres for a claim. A policyholder can speed up the adjusting process and time it takes to receive their claim payment by providing precision data.  


In Season: Replant Claims

Did you know Precision Solutions can be used with replant claims? A policyholder may only need to provide a replant map with the precision data they already provide for acreage reporting

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