How Precision Farmers Prepare for Planting

Find out how farmers who use precision equipment prepare for planting season and how FMH Precision Solutions ties into this process.

Many farmers prepare for planting by purchasing seed and fertilizer, inspecting their machinery, and talking to their crop insurance agent.

Farmers who use precision equipment have a few more steps to ensure they're ready to plant. With variables like seed varieties, crop prescriptions, and other crop-related data, Farm Management Software (FMS) and planting equipment need to be accurately set up to capture data. 

How do Farmers Set Up Their Planting Equipment? 

MonitorDisplay or Monitor
To capture accurate precision farming data for planting, the farmer will need to enter certain measurements for the planter or drill into their display or cab monitor. 




tractorGPS Receiver
Some of the measurements entered include planter length, row width, and distance from the GPS receiver, which is often placed on the roof of the tractor.

These measurements allow the farmer to record the exact location where the the planter has made passes, ensuring the most accurate data for crop insurance and other operational decisions.


Where Precision Solutions Comes In

Agents are meeting with farmers to prepare their 2021 crop insurance plans, which makes now a great time to have conversations about using Precision Solutions for the upcoming year.

For Farmers: Agents can remind farmers to set up their FMS to match crop insurance data, such as including the same client, field, and farm names. This step saves time for the agent when matching acreage data to the policy.

For Agents: Agents will need to ensure maps are ready for 2021 acreage data in the FMH Mapping System. 

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