Precision Solutions: Acreage Reporting for Winter Wheat

Reporting for winter wheat can be easier and faster with Automated Crop Reporting (ACR).

In the Wheat Belt of the country, winter wheat is planted in the fall and then harvested in the summer. This means that as soon as farmers are done harvesting their spring crops, they are back in the field planting winter wheat.

If they are using precision farming equipment, reporting can be easier and faster with Automated Crop Reporting for both production and acreage reporting.

Benefits of Automated Crop Reporting (ACR)

ACRBenefitsIconsSeamless Reporting
Electronically send precision-recorded data from FMS to agent.


Accurate Reports
Report the exact areas that are planted and harvested. Plus, the data submitted to FMH doesn't need to match FSA. In fact, farmers could be under or over reporting for federal programs if the FSA records are used and they don't match their precision data.


Easier Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Planting
Farmers can plant straight through irrigated and non-irrigated ground by utilizing a pivot (shape-file) boundary as a discernible break.


Increased APH
An increased APH may favorably affect a field’s coverage level, per acre guarantee, and claim payment in the event of a loss.


Reduced Premium
Only insure the actual planted acres, potentially reducing premium.


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FMH is the Expert

FMH has a dedicated precision team tasked with staying up to date on RMA regulations pertaining to Precision Solutions, new precision ag products on the market, and being one of the go-to resources for agents and employees when questions or training needs arise.