Sending Data for Reporting

Sending Data to Your Agent

Sending Your Data

Sending Data From the Equipment to Your FMS

There are a variety of ways to transfer data to your Farm Management Software, including: Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) and utilizing a USB or memory card.

  • Wireless Data Transfer: Data can be sent directly to the FMS software automatically as soon as you finish planting or harvesting.
  • USB or Memory Card: The data is transferred by removing the device from the monitor and uploading the data to your FMS.


Sending Data From Your FMS to Your Agent

Once your data is in your FMS, you select the data you would like to transfer including the year, type of layer (i.e. planting or harvest data) and the fields you are transferring. Each FMS has a different process for transferring data, and your agent or FMH Precision Tech Specialist can offer assistance.


Agents Processing Data

Your Agent Receiving Your Data

Your agent will be notified when your data is available in the FMH system. They will then match the data up with your policy information and generate map-based reports that can be used for certification at the FSA office. This can eliminate the need to provide 578s to your agent and reduce paperwork.

Acres reported for insurance don’t have to match acres on file with the FSA.

While this has been a long-standing business practice, precision ag data is making it much easier for agents, adjusters, and producers to verify and report acreage. There are no FSA or RMA regulations requiring acres to match.
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Data Security

You own your data, you choose who uses your data, and we only use what’s needed for crop insurance.

While precision equipment captures a lot of agronomic data, ACR only uses the required data for insurance and government reporting, which is the same information that is manually reported today.

This includes:

  • Acreage – crop, plant date, and area data
  • Production – wet-weight, moisture, harvest date, and area data