Precision Solutions: Automated Crop Reporting Benefits

ACR fits seamlessly into the farmer's processes, saving them time and paperwork while providing the most accurate data for reporting.

Planting the Seed - May 2018

Automated Crop Reporting (ACR) is the farmer’s process of electronically submitting precision data to the agent to use for acreage or production reporting.

Why should insureds use ACR vs. the traditional method for reporting acres?

If a farmer is using precision equipment and Farm Management Software (FMS) for planting, they are already capturing the data needed for acreage reporting. ACR can save the farmer time and paperwork, as well as provide the most accurate data for reports.

ACR Fits Seamlessly into the Farmer's Processes

The information that is required for acreage reporting includes acres, plant dates, and crops planted. This data can all be recorded through precision equipment.To report acres via ACR, the farmer simply downloads their data from their FMS, and provides it to their agent to upload into the FMH Agent Center (FMHA).


  1. Record data while planting
  2. Change setup between fields to indicate field and crop information
  3. Download data into FMS - wirelessly or through a USB
  4. Send necessary data to agent


  1. Check FMH Agent Center Data Manager to verify data has been received, or to import data into FMHA
  2. Review data and assign units (if needed) in FMHA mapping application
  3. Push data to policy for acreage reporting
  4. Print acreage reports for signatures
  5. Remind farmers to report acres to their local FSA office.


  1. Assist agents and producers with any questions during the reporting process
  2. Review policy before submitting to RMA