Precision Solutions: Precision and Production

To simplify their production reporting process, farmers can use Automated Crop Reporting (ACR) to quickly and electronically send their data to their agent.

Planting the Seed - November 2017

Using Precision Harvest Data for Production Reporting

During harvest, farmers collect yield data with their combine's precision equipment. This provides a real-time look at the quality of their crop throughout the field. They also use this data to report production or for a claim after harvest.

To simplify their reporting process, they can use Automated Crop Reporting (ACR) to quickly and electronically send their data to their agent to upload directly into the FMH Agent Center. ACR is a method offered exclusively through FMH Precision Solutions.

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Farmers can report production via ACR whether or not they reported acreage via ACR. These two reporting processes are separate from each other.

What are the steps to report production using ACR?

After harvest, the farmer simply downloads their harvest data into their FMS, either by Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) or with a USB or memory card. They can send the data directly to FMHA in select FMS systems, or package their data to send to their agent electronically.

The agent then checks the FMHA Data Manager to verify data has been received (via select FMS systems), or imports data into FMHA mapping. After reviewing the data, the agent will push the data to the policy for production reporting. Once in the policy, the agent prints a production report for the farmer to sign.

There is no need for the farmer to print paperwork or enter the data into a form for the agent. As long as the data is labeled correctly, FMHA will do all the hard work for the agent and farmer.


If a loss occurs, use precision harvest data for a Precision Claim: