About FMH Reinsurance

Our Philosophy

FMH is a small reinsurer located in rural America, but just like the companies we service, we don't need to be large to be successful. FMH, like many of our clients, has been in business for over 100 years. Because we are a small company with a long and rich rural history, we understand the needs of our clients and how they differ from larger companies. We're a tightly-knit, family-friendly group; we even invite the families of our clients to our events.


Our Approach

We approach our business on a person-to-person level. We support our clients' business strategies by understanding their risk appetite and by providing individual reinsurance solutions. Our combination of underwriting excellence, strong balance sheet and reliable claims-paying practices provide excellent reinsurance value for the companies who do business with us. We are steadfast about maintaining our underwriting focus, understanding our clients' challenges and objectives, and providing fast, excellent and competitively-priced solutions. Our history reflects our continued commitment to our clients through both direct and broker markets.


We offer a wide range of products such as:

  Excess of Loss

• Property Per Risk Excess of Loss

• Property Aggregate Excess of Loss

• Property Catastrophe Excess of Loss


  Liability Products





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Toll free: 800-247-5248

Help Desk

Phone: 800-532-1581