Precision Solutions

What are Precision Crop Insurance Solutions?

Precision Crop Insurance Solutions use your precision farming data for required crop reporting and claims, providing a seamless experience from accurate data collection to claims settlement and everything in between.


Simplify your crop insurance

Your operation is complex. Precision Crop Insurance Solutions can help. At crucial planting and harvest times, you have better things to do than spend hours on reports. That’s where the technology from FMH comes in. By using data from your precision farming equipment, your FMH agent is able to help make your acreage and crop production reporting faster, easier, and more complete.

Precision Crop Insurance Solutions provide easier reporting, reduced claim time for quicker payments, and reduced time at the FSA office.

It’s one set of paperwork and one single location for all of your crop insurance information.


Precision Claims

Precision claims can be a simple solution for reducing claim payment time and significantly increasing your claim experience. Only a few pieces of documentation are needed to complete a claim using precision data including planting records, a yield map, and a calibration report.



Our in-house experts work together with your agricultural service providers to provide you with the best support and assistance when needed. Your FMH insurance agent is well-trained in the technology to provide a seamless experience.

Did You Know?




Your acres reported for insurance don’t have to match the acres on file with the FSA.

With this technology, you can

pay less insurance premiums and increase your APH.

You can have your
claims paid faster using
precision data.

FMH is the expert

Farmers Mutual Hail has been committed to the progress and growth of crop insurance for over 120 years. We are pleased to bring Precision Crop Insurance Solutions to our producers to simplify their insurance reporting processes.

Designed by industry experts and supported by a team of specialists, you’ll benefit from high-quality customer service along with unparalleled crop reporting and claims settlement experiences.

Our adjusters are trained in precision farming data to process claims faster and more accurately.


Convenient: Use the precision data you are already capturing for required crop insurance reporting.

Accurate: Have the confidence that your field data is submitted accurately, consistently, and completely.
Efficient: Report planting and harvest data faster and without leaving your home office.

Is it right for me?

Precision Crop Insurance Solutions works with any brand of equipment and any brand of precision farming technology.


What do I need to make Precision Crop Insurance Solutions work?

Do you have a display capable of recording planting and harvest data?

Do you have farm management software?

Do you have a policy with FMH?

Simple Process

Collect data with Precision Equipment

Transfer data to your
FMH agent

Your FMH agent
processes data




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