Precision Claims

Faster Claim Settlement

The time required to validate a crop insurance claim is reduced when your FMH adjuster receives wet-weight harvest maps, monitor calibration reports, and planting records from your precision system.


Accurate Claim Settlement

Using precision records to adjust a loss ensures that you will receive more accurate claim settlements, which results in the most fair loss payment.

You don’t have to do ACR to have a Precision Claim. To be eligible, all you have to do are the following steps:

  • Record planting data
  • Calibrate
  • Record harvest data


Precision Claims Checklist

Experience an easier claims process by utilizing your precision farm equipment. All information needed to submit your claim is available through your precision ag records within your FMS.


Only a few pieces of documentation are needed to complete your claim:


  • Planting - Seeding Map

  • Wet-Weight Yield and Moisture Map

  • Calibration Report


If fields are set up in your FMS to match your crop insurance policy, the claim process is simply reduced to reviewing yields. No bin measurements need to be taken and there is no need to produce feed records or settlement sheets.

A guide to help you experience an easier claims process utilizing your precision farm equipment.




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