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  • What are Precision Crop Insurance Solutions?


    Your operation is complex. Precision Crop Insurance Solutions can help.


    At crucial planting and harvest times, you have better things to do than spend hours on reports. That’s where the technology from FMH comes in. By using data from your precision farming equipment, your FMH agent is able to help make your acreage and crop production reporting faster, easier, and more complete.


    Precision Crop Insurance Solutions use your precision farming data for required crop reporting and claims, providing a seamless experience from accurate data collection to claim settlement and everything in between.  Precision Crop Insurance Solutions provide easier reporting, reduced claim time for quicker payments, and reduced time at the FSA office.


    It’s one set of paperwork and one single location for all of your crop insurance information.

  • Who is it right for?

    Farm operations that use precision ag equipment and technology can benefit from Precision Crop Insurance Solutions. Collecting the data needed for crop insurance reporting and claims requires precision ag equipment and software that can manage and send the data.


    FMH can process data from any color of equipment, most farm management softwares, and in a

    variety of ways to make using precision data an option for many farmers.


    FMH can accept data from most Farm Management Software including (but not limited to):

    • John Deere Operations Center /
    • Apex from John Deere
    • AgLeader SMS
    • Precision Planting / Field View


    Data can be transferred in any of the following ways:

    • Wireless Data Transfer (e.g., JD Link > John Deere Operations Center > FMH)
    • USB or Memory Card
    • Other (i.e., Bluetooth - e.g., JD MDT device)
  • What is Automated Crop Reporting?

    Automated Crop Reporting (ACR) uses your precision farming equipment along with your farm management software to capture and submit acreage and production data to your FMH crop insurance agent. This helps streamline the process of communicating required field information for government agencies and saves time while simplifying crop insurance reporting.


    If you are already capturing precision data, you can transfer your field data directly to your FMH crop insurance agent. Your agent will verify the information for crop insurance purposes and provide you with reports for acreage certification after planting and production verification after harvest.


    Federal guidelines for crop insurance allow the use of precision farming technology for crop reporting records. ACR will help streamline your government reporting requirements by submitting information electronically rather than submitting manual records, such as bin measurements and scale tickets.

  • What are the benefits of Automated Crop Reporting?


    Use the data you are already capturing to simplify your acreage reporting requirements.



    Properly installed and setup systems will deliver accurate planting and harvest information.


    Return on Investment

    Enhance the functionality of your precision farming systems beyond guidance to also manage your crop reporting.



    Report planting and harvest data electronically and without leaving your home office, eliminating time-consuming paperwork.

  • What are the benefits of Precision Claims?

    Precision Claims offer immediate value by further utilizing the records recorded by your precision technology. A crop insurance claim can be adjusted using only a few pieces of documentation and records from your farm management software.

    Faster Payment

    The time required to validate a crop insurance claim is reduced when your FMH adjuster utilizes records directly from your precision equipment.


    Easier Process

    Only a few pieces of documentation are needed to complete a claim using precision data including planting records, a yield map, and a calibration report.


    Most Accurate

    Have the confidence that your data is submitted accurately, consistently, and completely – which results in the most fair loss payment.

  • What will I need for planting?

    • A tractor capable of recording precision data using a GPS receiver and display that collects GPS points and planting data.
    • A GPS receiver and signal. RTK and SF2 are recommended for accuracy.
    • Farm Management Software and data transfer methods as described in 'Who is it right for?'.
  • What will I need for harvest?

    • Combine(s) capable of recording precision data using a GPS receiver and display.
    • Combine(s) with a mass flow sensor and moisture sensor.
    • Understanding of calibration procedures for your operation.
    • Farm Management Software and data transfer methods as described in 'Who is it right for?'.
  • Reviews and RMA Audits


    When a crop insurance claim is flagged for a three-year review and precision data records are available, the review can be done more efficiently and take much less time using a planting map, harvest map, and calibration report. This eliminates the need to dig up years of paperwork, settlement sheets, and bin measurements.




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