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Benefits of Using Precision Data for Crop Insurance.

Better Organized Data

You don’t need to keep track of multiple record sources. Records are organized by legal farm business entity, insurance unit, and Common Land Unit data structure. This eliminates simple errors that often happen when using traditional methods, such as scale tickets and bin measurements, and helps you better analyze production records year over year.


Seamless Reporting

Through Automated Crop Reporting, collect your field data for crop insurance and send it electronically to your FMH crop insurance agent for reporting.


Precision farming systems document the exact area that is planted and harvested within a field using GPS. This allows you to more accurately document both the planted and non-farmland acres, such as ditches and waterways. Through the FSA acre determination process, if the exact area that you are planting does not match what is currently on file, you could be under or over reporting for federal programs.

Increased APH

An increased APH may favorably affect a field’s coverage level, per acre guarantee, and loss payment in the event of a claim.

Reduced Crop Insurance Premium Payment

Reporting acreage as documented by precision farming systems only insures the planted acres, potentially reducing premium due for crop insurance. A reduction in acres could also lower your liability within the crop insurance program.

Time Savings

Reporting acreage and production with

precision data is more streamlined and reduces paperwork, saving you time.

Faster Claims Adjustment

The time required to validate a crop insurance claim is reduced when your FMH adjuster receives monitor calibration reports, planting records, and yield maps from your precision system.

Acres reported for insurance don't have to match acres on file with the FSA.

While this has been a long-standing business practice, precision ag data is making it much easier for agents, adjusters, and producers to verify and report acreage. There are no FSA or RMA regulations requiring acres to match.




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