Farm & Ranch Safety Tips

Harvest Safety Tips

Harvest time on the farm involves a lot of heavy equipment and machinery that can pose a risk to you or those around you. Follow these basic tips to ensure you use your farm's machinery safely and responsibly.

  Wear hearing and eye protection around running machinery

  Wear dust-filtering masks

  Wear chemical respirators, gloves and mask if handling chemicals

  Ventilate silo headspace at least 30 minutes before entering to remove gas concentrations

  Disengage the power take-off shaft before getting off a tractor

  Never step across a rotating power shaft

  Never wear loose fitting clothes around moving parts

  Use wheelblocks to prevent roll-away accidents

  Closely supervise children in work areas


Fence Safety Tips

Taking the time to construct a well-built fence can prevent your livestock from wandering off your property and into harm's way. Here are some tips for building a safe and strong fence for your farm property.

  Fence should contain three to five wires

  Top wire should be at least four feet from the ground

  Bottom wire should be at least 18 inches off the ground

  Center wires should be evenly spaced between the top and bottom wire

  All wires should be tight and securely fastened to fence posts

  Posts should be about 12 feet apart

  Posts should be anchored at least two-and-a-half feet in the ground and stand at least four feet above ground


Fire Safety Tips

Fire is one of the most common threats that faces any farm and ranch operation, particularly in the dry summer months. Here are some simple steps you can take to limit the risk of fire on your farm.

  Keep your machine shed clean

  Store chemicals in sealed containers

  Dispose of oily rags

  Clear shrubbery and debris away from your machine shed and outbuildings

  Store hay away from outbuildings

  Don’t allow smoking in or near your machine shed

  Don’t park vehicles over combustible materials

  Make sure your electrical systems are safe and up to code

  Keep electric motors around your farm free of dust

  Make your property easily accessible to emergency vehicles

  Create and practice a fire emergency plan with your family

  Leave fire extinguishers at strategic locations around your property


Slow Moving Vehicle Safety Tips

To ensure the safety of other motorists, you should put the Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) symbol on your heavy equipment that you need to periodically drive on the road. You should mount this small, reflective triangle point up at their rear of your vehicle, mounting it at eye level for motorists driving behind you. You should replace this symbol if it becomes faded. It should not be used as a replacement for electric lights on the rear of your equipment.






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