See How Precision Solutions Saves Premium and Improves APH

See the difference with examples from our recent FieldView™ Partner Connect webinar.

Chances are, you’re already using some form of precision ag in your operation. But are you getting the maximum benefit from your investment?

Experience increased efficiency and accuracy when you use the precision data you're already collecting for crop insurance reporting and claims. Increased accuracy equals cost savings and more accurate APH over time.

Cost Savings with Precision Data vs. FSA Data

In the below example from our recent FieldViewTM Partner Connect webinar, you can see the 7% difference between acres reported using FSA data and acres reported using precision data. Using precision ensures that you only pay for acres that are actually planted, resulting in significant premium savings.

In another example, you can see that the more accurate acre count achieved using precision also ensures more accurate production reporting. This helps establish the most accurate APH database over time, which is beneficial in the event of a claim or audit.

Did You Miss the FieldView Partner Connect Webinar?
Learn more about how you can utilize your Climate FieldView precision data for crop insurance in the recorded version of the webinar. You'll also hear from an FMH agent and farmer about how using Precision Solutions extends the value of investing in precision ag. 

View the FieldView Partner Connect Recording