Precision Solutions: Harvest Best Practices

When utilizing precision farm equipment for crop insurance, farmers can use these best practices to experience the benefits of streamlined production reporting and an easier claim process this season. The steps to use precision data for crop insurance are similar with or without a claim.

During harvest precision production data is collected and recorded:  



If a farmer has recorded precision data while planting and harvesting, only a few pieces of documentation are needed to complete the claim. FMH can generate precision plant or harvest maps already submitted in the event of a claim or future APH review. 


  1. Submit Notice of Loss (NOL)
  2. Submit electronic precision harvest data
  3. Provide copies of combine calibration report(s) to adjuster

No Claim

Farmers that report precision harvest data and provide calibration reports to agents consistently each year are prepared to use those records in case of an APH review. Using submitted precision records takes much less time than using traditional records.


  1. Submit electronic precision harvest data
  2. Provide copies of combine calibration report(s) to agent
  3. Review and sign production report

Download the Precision Harvest Best Practices Sheet

Acreage Reporting for Winter Wheat

Using precision for planting winter wheat this fall? When using precision farming equipment with winter wheat, reporting can be much easier and faster when using FMH's unique electronic connection for both production and acreage reporting. 

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