FMH Marketing & Online Store

FMH branded promotional items and marketing materials are available on one convenient website. 

Visit for all of the tools to support your sales efforts. Including:

  • Apparel: Purchase branded shirts, caps, outerwear, and more
  • Marketing Materials: Order free and personalized sales materials such as brochures, postcards, and other sales tools
  • Promotional Items: Order branded items and giveaways for events and meetings
  • Advertising: Download approved advertising templates or request custom ads

Co-op Advertising

Co-op reimbursement is now available for FMH agents who write Property & Casualty insurance to help them grow their business. The amount of reimbursement you receive depends on the combined amount of private product and P&C premium you have written in the past year. Co-op dollars can go toward either private product or P&C-related advertising.