Green Snap

Product Booklet

A wind storm can flatten your fields in a matter of minutes. Green Snap protects against losses from wind damage to your crops so that you're financially covered  even when your fields can't be harvested.

Green Snap (GE) is an optional Crop Hail endorsement that provides protection against the severing or breaking of the stalk at a node above the brace roots and below the ear as a result of natural wind and will prevent an ear from forming or prevent the harvesting of the ears by normal harvesting equipment.

How Does It Work?
  • Three Green Snap deductibles available: Full/Basic, 10%, IP2F
  • Policy combinations: Full coverage hail with either Full/Basic or 10% GS, deductible hail coverage with either Full or 10% GS, Companion hail coverage with Full/Basic, 10%, IP2F

*Coverage may not be available for all crops or all states. Please see your FMH agent for more information.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Protects against loss of yield
  • Protects against losses of wind damage so that you are financially covered even if your fields can't be harvested
  • Green Snap losses are netted against any prior damage from the crop hail policy

Additional Information

Covered Crops
Field corn, seed corn, sweet corn, and popcorn. All crop(s) may not be available in some states.

All acres of the same type of corn (as mentioned above) in which the insured has an interest in the county must be covered with the Green Snap endorsement.

When Does Coverage Attach
Coverage will attach once the crop has reached the seventh-leaf (V7) stage of growth.

Full/Basic Payout Formula
(Percent of Loss) x (Value per Acre)
Catastrophe Allowance applies

10% Payout Formula
[(Percent of Loss) - (10)] x (1.25) x (Value per Acre)
When the loss equals or exceeds 50%, the policy pays like Full Coverage. Catastrophe Allowance applies.

Exclusions and Termination Date Coverage
Exclusions of this coverage include neglect, malfeasance or failure to follow good farming practices, other weather perils, insects, disease,
chemicals, failure of ears to pollinate, or failure to harvest the field corn in a timely manner.

Coverage under this endorsement will terminate on September 15.

IP2F Payout Formula
[(Percent of Loss) - (5)] x (2) x (Value per Acre)
You will receive full payment of loss up to a 10% loss, but a loss exceeding 10% will be calculated by the above calculation

Sample Calculations


* All calculations are for example purposes only.