Crop Hail

Product Booklet

Most hailstorms last three to five minutes. In that time, Mother Nature can deal a crushing blow to your crops, your profits, and the future of your farming operation. Remove that risk today with Crop Hail coverage from Farmers Mutual Hail.

Crop Hail coverage provides protection against physical damage from hail and/or fire. Most FMH hail policies include extended coverages like fire and lightning, theft, vandalism and malicious mischief, and certain perils while in transit and storage at no additional cost to you.

Farmers Mutual Hail has a variety of hail coverages available depending on your specific needs: full, dollar/deductible, and companion.

How Does It Work?

  • A dollar amount of coverage is selected by the producer. Options with different deductibles may be selected to permit a producer to partially self-insure for reduced premium costs.
  • Coverage is provided on an acre-by-acre basis, so that damage that occurs on only part of a farm may be eligible for payment when the rest of the field remains unaffected.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Provides protection up to the actual value of your crop
  • Same day protection may be available
  • No value clause
  • No pro rata clause (other insurance does not affect hail payment)
  • No replant clause – FMH pays the loss (any unused insurance rolls over to replanted-like crop)
  • Substitute crop coverage
  • Catastrophe allowance offered on most policy types
  • Termination date of all coverages is December 31 (see policy provisions for exceptions)
  • If a grower has coverage and bumper crop yields or higher prices occur, coverage can be increased during the growing season to cover the value of the crop, unless the crops have been damaged.

FMH Protector

Combine your CROP HAIL and FEDERAL COVERAGE to receive these benefits from FMH

  • Less Paperwork: one application for both MPCI and Crop Hail policies
  • One Payment: your MPCI and Crop Hail premium payment is combined
  • Extended reporting dates beyond industry standards
  • County blanket coverage

Extended Coverages



With Farmers Mutual Hail, not only do you get the broadest policy in the industry, but we include these extended coverages for most policies at no additional cost:

  • Fire and lightning
  • Vandalism, theft, and malicious mischief
  • Certain perils while in transit and storage
  • Includes accidental death benefit

Coverage Plans

Full Coverage
A policy that gives the insured a payment that equals the percent of loss multiplied by the limit of insurance per acre.

Deductible/Dollar Plans
A policy that requires the insured to meet a percent deductible before loss payments begin. Once the loss exceeds a certain percent, this provision will no longer apply.

Companion Plans
A policy that requires the insured to meet a percent deductible before loss payments begin. Once payment begins, FMH will only have liability for a selected factor times the percent of loss, not to exceed 100%.

Total Coverage
(Limit of Insurance per Acre) x (Damaged Acres)

Total Loss Payment
(Total Coverage) x (Percent of Loss) - (Deductible)

Full Coverage Policy
Coverage per Acre: $800Ownership: 100%
Policy: 100%Percent of Loss: 40%
Damaged Acres: 20 
Deductible/Dollar Policy (10%)
Coverage per Acre: $800Ownership: 100%
Policy: 10% DeductiblePercent of Loss: 40%
Damaged Acres: 100 
$800 x 20 = $16,000 Total Coverage
$16,000 x 40% = $6,400 Total Loss Payment
$6,400/20 = $320 Payment per Acre

All calculations are for example purposes only.

$800 x 100 = $80,000 Total Coverage
Deductible Calculation: (40-10) x 1.25 = 37.5%
$80,000 x 37.5% = $30,000 Total Loss Payment
$30,000/100 = $300 Payment per Acre