Crop Hail Insurance

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Crop Hail

Most hailstorms last three to five minutes. In that time, Mother Nature can deal a crushing blow to your crops, your profits, and the future of your farming operation. Remove that risk today with Crop Hail coverage from Farmers Mutual Hail.

Crop Hail coverage provides protection against physical damage from hail and/or fire. Most FMH hail policies include extended coverages like fire and lightning, vandalism and malicious mischief, and certain perils while in transit and storage at no additional cost to you.
Farmers Mutual Hail has a variety of hail coverages available depending on your specific needs: full/basic, dollar/deductible, and companion.

How Does It Work?

  • A dollar amount of coverage is selected by the producer. Options with different deductibles may be selected to permit a producer to partially self-insure for reduced premium costs.
  • Coverage is provided on an acre-by-acre basis, so that damage that occurs on only part of a farm may be eligible for payment when the rest of the field remains unaffected


    What Are the Benefits?

  • Provides protection up to the actual value of your crop
  • If a grower has coverage and bumper crop yields or higher prices occur, coverage can be increased during the growing season to cover the value of the crop, unless the crops have been damaged.
  • Allows you to buy the protection you need for your crops in the spring while waiting until fall to pay the premium
  • No value clause
  • No replant clause – FMH pays the loss (any unused insurance rolls over to replanted-like crop)
  • Catastrophe allowance offered on most policy types
  • Termination date of all coverages is December 31 (see policy provisions for exceptions)
  • Substitute crop coverage
  • No pro rata clause

Production Plan

Production Plan is a Crop Hail insurance endorsement that is coupled with your federally-subsidized MPCI policy, and is designed to provide coverage on the portion of your crop that is left unprotected by your MPCI policy.
Production Plan differs from traditional hail insurance in the indemnity phase. A traditional hail policy pays based on the percent of damage a crop sustains, while the Production Plan endorsement goes a step further and takes into account the total harvested production. An adjuster will still assess the percent of damage at the time of the hail loss; however, the final hail loss calculation cannot be completed until harvest when the actual production to count is known.

How Does It Work?

  • The crop acreage insured under this endorsement must also be insured under a Yield Protection, Revenue Protection, or Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion policy with FMH or another AIP.
  • If MPCI is with another AIP, FMH will require the summary of coverage and current crop year acreage report.
  • Offered on an MPCI unit basis for select crops at 110% – 120% of insured’s APH (check your state for crop and modified APH availability). Insured’s APH and MPCI levels are used to determine the Limit of Insurance and premium.
  • An indemnity payment is based on the actual hail loss and the final production to count.
  • Coverage terminates December 31.

    What Are the Benefits?

  • Allows producer to protect crop against hail loss up to 120% of the producer's APH
  • Covers the gap created by yield and revenue policies
  • Ideal for producers that generally do not purchase private hail insurance due to cost or other factors

Green Snap

A wind storm can flatten your fields in a matter of minutes. Green Snap protects against losses from wind damage to your crops so that you're finally covered even when your fields can't be harvested.

Green Snap (GS) is an optional Crop Hail endorsement that provides protection against the severing or breaking of the stalk at a node above the brace roots and below the ear as a result of natural wind and will prevent an ear from forming or prevent the harvesting of the ears by normal harvesting equipment.

How Does It Work?

  • Three Green Snap deductibles available: Full/Basic, 10%, IP2F
  • Policy combinations: Full coverage hail with either Full/Basic or 10% GS, deductible hail coverage with either Full of 10% GS, Companion hail coverage with Full/Basic, 10% IP2F

*Coverage may not be available for all crops or all states. Please see your FMH agent for more information

    What Are the Benefits?

  • Protects against loss of yield
  • Protects against losses of wind damage so that you are financially covered even if your fields can't be harvested
  • Green Snap losses are netted against any indirect hail damage


Formerly known as Green Snap Extra. Wind with Extra Harvest Allowance is an optional crop hail endorsement that provides coverage for wind, green snap and extra harvest expense for corn that has blown down to the wind damage. It covers ears that cannot be recovered because of flattening, bending, or breaking of the stalk.

In the event that wind damage has caused harvest expenses to increase, the insured may be eligible for an Extra Harvest Allowance indemnity payment. Any Extra Harvest Allowance paid by FMH will not exceed 8% of the field limit of insurance.

Coverage is available for field corn, seed corn, and sweet corn. Wind coverage terminates on September 15 for AR, CO, KS, KY, OK and TN; and October for IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, OH, SD, and WI.

*Coverage may not be available for all crops or all states. Please see your FMH agent for more information.