4 FAQs About Precision + Policyholder Center Data Security

FMH has always taken data security very seriously. In today's data-driven world, we continue to put the latest security measures in place to ensure that data from both our policyholders and agents is safe.


The FMH Policyholder Center (PHC) is the user-friendly platform for insureds to electronically submit precision data to FMH, either through connected Farm Management Software (FMS) or the precision data upload feature. Learn more about how FMH ensures the data that is transferred through the PHC remains safe.


Why is granting permission to access data important? 

 The data we use for a policy belongs to the policyholder. In all instances where data is transferred or accessed, we require the policyholder to grant permission to FMH and/or their agent. Permissions can be revoked by the insured at any time. 


Can a policyholder use other data-transfer options outside of the PHC?

 The PHC allows large precision data files to be uploaded directly to FMH, reducing the number of touchpoints and third-party options from handling the data. The PHC is the most secure way to submit precision data for crop insurance, and the recommended option for all policyholders.


How much farming data from precision equipment is used for crop insurance?

While precision equipment captures a variety of agronomic data, FMH’s precision reporting process only uses the required data for insurance and government reporting, which is the same information that is manually reported today. This includes crop, plant date, and acres planted for acreage; and wet-weight, moisture, harvest date, and acres harvested for production. 


How does FMH store and protect precision data?

FMH stores precision data in our secure cyber system, which follows industry and regulatory standards. FMH has and continues to develop security policies based on internal and external risk assessments. From those policies, we choose processes and technologies to mitigate or control the risks, such as advanced firewall systems, encrypting sensitive data, and multi-factor authentication.

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