FMH in the Cab Precision Services Set Farmers Up for Success

One reason a farmer may hesitate to use their precision data for crop insurance is because it’s not “clean” – or organized enough. That’s where FMH Precision Solutions In the Cab services come in.

“As technology gets more advanced, that doesn’t mean it has to get harder for farmers. We want to be there to simplify a part of farming that can be daunting at times. Using our In the Cab services can help with the front end of the technology and simplify the data when the farmer is using it,” explained TJ Schott, FMH Precision Tech Specialist II.

Schott is one of FMH’s specially trained Precision Tech Specialists (PTS) who can meet a farmer where they are working  – literally in the cab of the tractor – and help set up their precision ag technology from the monitor to organize data.

“In the Cab services are catered for the farmer who would like help coordinating their precision data technology,” he said. “Once the farmer’s data is organized, this helps immensely with the decisions they will make and helps with other areas of the operation. It can also help simplify crop insurance.”

He explained how farmers often see precision technology and crop insurance as two separate things in their operation. “That’s why, at FMH, we want to put them together and show farmers they can be different, but they can have a relationship with each other and work together.”

Recently, Schott traveled to Kentucky to help a farmer, who is also an FMH agent, get his data organized before planting. The farmer uses multiple brands as part of their precision technology setup. FMH can work with any color equipment, and nearly every brand of Farm Management Software (FMS).

“The farmer had a John Deere tractor running a Kinze planter. He had a Precision Planting Gen 3 monitor for running the technology on the planter and a John Deere 4640 monitor for autosteer on the tractor,” explained Schott. “While on the farm, we were able to clean up both monitors by organizing the client, farm, and field list. " 

He previously had 151 fields and five clients in it, and I got it down to 31 fields and one client. - TJ Schott FMH Precision Tech Specialist II

Afterwards, Schott went over the farmer’s equipment to make sure it was set up and running properly. 

“The grower was very pleased with the services,” he said. “The amount of thought and depth of the service was appreciated.”

In addition to having the peace of mind knowing his technology was going to function properly during planting, the farmer had clean, organized data to make submitting acreage for crop insurance even easier.

“The FMH Policyholder Center (PHC) allows the insured to send data with minimal clicks,” he explained. “FMH only takes what is necessary for crop insurance. The farmer owns their data and gives FMH permission to access it.” 

Through the PHC, farmers can connect to their John Deere Operations Center™ or Climate FieldView™ accounts to seamlessly submit data, or upload data from any other FMS for electronic reporting in minutes. Agents interested in offering In the Cab services to their insureds can talk to their PTS about availability.